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This is your neighborhood. And we can help you remain here.

Do You Have Questions?

Many questions will be answered on other pages. Here are some key links, and a search box you can use for this web site.

Where is Carolina Villages located?

Carolina Villages is not a facility or a place but is all around us: A village, a community of individuals who help each other.

Is Carolina Villages only a local organization, or is it part of a national movement?

Carolina Villages operates independently, but is part of a national Village movement.

What are the benefits to me of joining Carolina Villages?

Carolina Villages provides many services that can help you remain in your own home as you grow older.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Here is information about how to join and what it costs.

How do you provide services to your members?

We rely on a "volunteer first" philosophy.

What about help I need that cannot be provided by volunteers?

Other services are provided by commercial vendors on our "Vetted Vendors" list.

Where do your volunteers come from? Do you encourage members to help each other?

Many of our volunteers come from our own membership. Others come from the community.

How do I know that volunteers who come to my house can be trusted?

See our selection and training requirements for volunteers.

Why should I join now if I don't need services?

As we age, we cannot always anticipate when we will need assistance. You may join as a Social Member, and later become a Full Member. Social Member dues are a tax deductible contribution.

All members are invited to join us for our Annual Member Appreciation Event, October 25, at Horace Williams House.


The Fall 2015 Newsletter is now available.

Welcome to Carolina Villages

Would you like to stay in your own home as you grow older?

Do you want to remain engaged in the life of your community?

Carolina Villages is an option for retired individuals that helps them to age in place. 

Carolina Villages is modeled on the national Village movement. It serves residents with Chapel Hill and Carrboro addresses (including those in Durham County, Chatham County, and Orange County) who enjoy their home and their neighborhood, and want to remain there.

We offer an array of support services and social opportunities. We provide trusted guidance and support for navigating home services, and promote social interactions that lead to safe and vibrant aging in the community.

Village membership offers a vibrant and independent way to age in your own home.


We thank our founding sponsors for their generous support. For details please see our list of supporters.